Ten Restaurants to Try In Augusta Right Now – The Final Countdown

August 24th, 2017 by

Welcome once again to the Bob Richards Blog, and the third and final installment in our tour of the CSRA’s busy and brilliant dining scene. This week’s list is an eclectic mix, bringing flavors from all over the world as we head off of food’s beaten track in search of something different. The perfect vehicle for a spot of globetrotting such as this is undoubtedly A Toyota pickup – descended from the (virtually bulletproof) likes of the SR5, today’s Toyota pickups have a ready-for-anything attitude and a  sense of adventure bred into them, teamed with roguish, ruggedly handsome looks and a subtle sophistication that sees them fit in anywhere. Without further ado then, here are ten places sure to satisfy that wanderlust, and reward you with a great meal at the end of the journey, too!

  1. Sllla Café – 855 Broad St., Augusta, GA

Silla Café is home to a great fusion of America, Asia and Europe, and in this one of a kind melting pot you’ll find hearty classic dishes from three continents, including what is said to be the best Chicken Teriyaki in downtown Augusta. Fittingly, using the same formula for success as Toyota do with their trucks, the kitchen at Silla Cafe has not tried to re-invent such staples as Lasagna or Salisbury Steak, and each plate is capably and lovingly executed. Where Silla Café really comes into its own though is in the sheer amount of variety available – daily specials that rotate through Asia, America and Italy, Sandwiches, Salads and a breakfast menu are all available, so no matter if you’re setting up for the day, refueling during the day or winding down after it – Silla Café will take good care of you!

  1. Soy Noodle House – 1032 Broad St., Augusta, GA

We stay in Asia (and indeed on Broad St.) for our second stop this week, and a taste of Toyota’s homeland courtesy of Soy Noodle House. The menu here is something like a compilation album for far eastern food, offering all a great range of stir-fry and noodle dishes as well as appetizers and other entrees from some of the lesser known oriental cuisines. There’s an extensive array of sushi too, and an impressive beverage selection featuring a range of hot teas, sake, and Asian-inspired specialty drinks.

  1. Maria’s Mexican Restaurant – 716 East Pine Log Road, Aiken, SC

Hopping over the pacific now, and with some Toyota Tacomas are currently built at Toyota’s plant in Tijuana, a visit to Maria’s Mexican Restaurant in Aiken would be another homecoming of sorts for your truck. All of the Mexican dishes that you’d expect are here and amidst a considerable amount of Mexican eateries in the area, Marias stands out for us due to the authentic feel of both the establishment itself, and the top-notch food that retains a home cooked feel and goes hand in hand with the atmosphere – so why not take your Toyota on a trip out to East Pine Log, and be transported south of the border today!

  1. Humanitree House Juice Joint & Gallery – 305 8th St., Augusta, GA

Humanitree House bills itself as a unique oasis in downtown Augusta, and we’d certainly agree with that! A wholly home-made and vegan establishment in a world of processing, preservatives and pasteurization, Humanitree House is a sanctuary of all that’s good for you. Alongside the long list of inventive and flavorful juices and smoothies you’ll find a selection of vegan salads and sandwiches, all served amidst an informal and modern setting that’s full of books and art – so you can feed your brain while the great food and juices ensure that you’re one healthy and happy herbivore!

  1. Ephesus – 3102 Washington Rd., Augusta GA

Toyota’s top-quality trucks are a great example of east meeting west, as a Japanese manufacturer builds a great example of a thoroughly American vehicle. The same meeting of east and west happens on the banks of the Bosphorus river in Turkey – where Europe meets Asia – and at Ephesus restaurant, where the simple meets the elaborate as you experience the distinctive cuisine of Turkey and the near-east. Here you’ll find delicate, light Spanakopita and well balanced sauces crafted with skill (as well as perfect hummus) followed by the robust, flame grilled goodness of Kabobs, well-seasoned rice and simple yet tasty salads. The menu is smaller than some other restaurants on this list, but as we’ve seen before that only allows the kitchen more opportunity to focus and make every single dish as good as it can be – and that’s just what they do at this spot on Washington Road.

  1. The Cotton Patch Jazz & Blues Café – 816 Cotton Ln., Augusta, GA

In a great location between Broad St. and the Augusta Riverwalk, the cotton patch is a laid back venue serving classic American bar fare such as burgers and wings. As a result the food itself is less of a departure from the norm than has been seen elsewhere on this list, but The Cotton Patch is still a place to come and broaden your horizons – and as a result, a Toyota truck is the perfect vehicle to bring you here. The outdoor area has a somewhat European feel to it and is a great place to chill out amid aged red bricks, enjoy some good food and discover what the local jazz & blues scene has to offer all at the same time!

  1. The Boll Weevil Café & Sweetery – 10 9th St., Augusta, GA

Just a couple blocks away from The Cotton Patch, The Boll Weevil Café & Sweetery again offers what might be described as a modest (but well executed) lunch and dinner menu featuring soups, sandwiches and soul-food, but also with a European or Latin feel in places. However, when you put the word ‘sweetery’ in your establishment’s name your desserts have to deliver, and indeed this may well be the best place in town to indulge your sweet tooth. With 20+ items on the desert menu alone, including tried and tested recipes such as carrot cake, New York cheesecake or tiramisu – as well as combinations you’ll only find here – all made to artisan standards of quality and attention to detail (just like a Toyota Pickup), means that the Boll Weevil Café & Sweetery is the ultimate reason to save room for dessert!

  1. French Market Grille – 425 Highland Dr., Augusta, GA / 368 Furys Ferry Rd., Martinez, GA

French Market Grille’s two locations in the CSRA are the place to go for the authentic taste of the Louisiana bayou. Po’ boys, Etoufee, Jambalaya – you’ll find them all here in the cozy confines of French Market Grille, clad in that French-inspired style of décor that’s so evocative of New Orleans. There is also a nice range of simply prepared seafood that really lets said produce shine, and if you’re feeling a little adventurous you can take on the gator too – but unlike those you’ll find in the Mississippi, thankfully here it comes deep-fried and with dipping sauce.

  1. Sole Grill & Sushi Bar – 1033 Broad St., Augusta, GA

Most restaurants pick one cuisine or style for their menu, but at Sole Grill & Sushi Bar – as the name suggests – you get to choose food from either side of the pacific, or have them both meet in the middle! The sushi menu is varied and pretty expansive, while the grill turns out a smaller selection of burgers, steak and fish. However, the kitchen at Sole still manages to provide plenty of different options to suit any palette and mood, and there’s also some very creative tapas on offer which fuses Asian and American cuisine together well to create a third dining option if you’re in search of something quick and tasty. Overall, we’re certainly of the opinion that Sole brings something different and adventurous when compared to the more traditionally defined eateries of Broad Street, while still offering the same quality and class as its downtown Augusta competition – and that’s very much in keeping with the spirit and lineage of Toyota’s range of trucks.

  1. Curry Hut – 2810 Washington Rd., Augusta, GA

We end this tour as we started it – in Asia, with the distinctive cuisine of India. For most people that means curry, and indeed at the Curry Hut you will find variations and interpretations of this iconic dish from all over the subcontinent, complete with all the authentic sides and accompaniments. Indian food is much more than curry alone though, and at the Curry Hut you can also feast on the delights of the Tandoor oven, sample traditional finger and street food, enjoy a larger-than-usual vegetarian selection thanks to the influence and traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism, and plenty more besides! Why should you bring your Toyota here though? Because just like a good curry, Toyota pickups are the result of many years of refining and perfecting a recipe, and they’re created thanks to a process where many small elements and a lot of skill come together to create something more than the sum of its parts.

Of course, as last week a Toyota pickup truck isn’t strictly necessary to visit these restaurants, but it is probably the only vehicle that could survive the mountains of Japan’s interior, the deserts of Baja California and Southern Turkey and the jungles of northeast India – and still come home to look cool parked outside a Jazz bar in New Orleans. So have no fear should you be struck with the urge to explore the countryside of the CSRA in your Toyota truck as summer turns to fall, and know that these ten fabulous restaurants are here to help you explore the world, by bringing their own little corner of the globe to ours.

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