Whatever Your Lifestyle, There’s a RAV4 You!

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The real world can be a frustrating place to live in, and something that illustrates this well in our opinion is looking for a new vehicle. While most of us have a dream car – the one we’d empty our bank account for given the chance, and happily bend to accommodate every foible, flaw and impracticality it imposed on our lives – sadly that dream becomes a reality only for some. The rest of us are left to run the same gauntlet of questions every few years – “What can I afford?”, ‘What do I need?”, “What can I live without”, “What will it cost to run?” and watch as our favorites are ruled out one by one by these four horsemen of compromise. Finally, a long way into things we will get around to asking “Of what’s left, which do I like?”, but usually by that point we’re already resigned to ‘learning to love’ the least objectionable remaining option.

These dilemmas are not lost on Toyota, who seek to ease the discomfort of the selection process with the new 2018 RAV4, which offers six trim levels with a clearly defined hierarchy and sense of purpose to them – meaning that it’s easy to single out the RAV4 that best suits your needs and your budget. The base model LE comes with a 176hp 2.5-Liter 4-cylinder engine that powers most of the 2018 RAV4’s and it is equipped as-standard with the STAR safety system and Toyota Safety Sense too – as are all of its cousins further up the ladder. Halogen headlamps, automatic limited-slip differential, power mirrors and a backup camera also come included with this model, meaning the LE offers everything today’s driver needs, but doesn’t saddle you with paying for things you won’t use. However, the XLE trim level is the first place you really see the RAV4’s ace in the hole – while there are a couple of extra pieces of standard equipment over the LE model directly below it, what stands out most is the number of options and packages available – which we’ll get to in just a moment…

As you continue on up the ‘SE’, “Limited’ and ‘Premium’ trim levels things like smart keys, JBL speakers, extra cameras and parking sensors become options, and then standard equipment as you get to the upper reaches of the lineup. As we’ve said though, the key to RAV4 in 2018 are the options, along with the ability to mix and match and thereby configure the vehicle to your individual needs and taste. For instance, if you’ve got kids then you might be interested in the power liftgate with jam protection to keep those little fingers safe, if not, you might be more into Entune Premium Audio and Integrated Navigation. That might also be useful if you live in the city, while those in the country could prefer all-wheel drive and a set of mudguards. In total across the RAV4 range there are six options packages to choose from, twelve extras that can be fitted either as part of a package or individually, and more than twenty additional accessories that can be purchased from the dealership. This allows you to tailor your RAV4 to your needs from the very outset – and because many options are also available from the dealer as add-ons, it’s easier to adapt the vehicle as those needs change over time.

All-new for this year is the ‘Adventure’ spec, fitting in between the XLE and the more luxurious and tech-centric trim levels above it, and more suited to the fast-paced daily routine of a young family. The first thing you’ll notice is likely to be the styling, which has been freshened and toughened up through the use of black accents and black alloy wheels, but RAV4 Adventure brings plenty more than just black paint to the party – it’s also full of neat touches to make that active family life easier. Heavy-duty all-weather floor liners and cargo mats are offered as standard here, making the interior both durable and easy to keep clean, while a 120-volt power outlet in the trunk augments the three 12-volt outlets all RAV4’s have in the cabin. In addition, the Adventure spec has been given a slight lift and some extra underside protection to add to its off-road capabilities without destroying the on-road experience, and all-wheel-drive is an option. While these changes won’t turn your RAV4 into a go-anywhere nature-taming beast, it’s more than enough to handle the ruts, tracks and grassy hills of the family camping trip while retaining al the practicality you’d expect of a crossover or small SUV. As if that wasn’t enough, the Adventure is the best tow-car in the entire RAV4 range, letting you safely haul up to 2900 lbs.overall – a figure that increases to 3500 lbs. if you opt for the all-wheel drive layout.

Finally, one RAV4 tradition dating back to the first generation vehicles of the mid 90’s, is the availability of electric drive. That tradition continues in 2018 thanks to the hybrid engines available on the XLE, SE and Limited trim levels, which offer 194 combined horsepower and intelligent Electronic On-Demand All-Wheel Drive, as well as impressive economy figures of 34 miles-per-gallon around town, and 30 on the highway. These hybrids are a real and viable option for any prospective RAV4 owner who wants stylish looks teamed with the immense adaptability and capability of a crossover, and who wants to (literally) go the extra mile on a gallon of gas.

The 2018 Toyota RAV4 will be with us soon, but if you’re interested in one of these awesome vehicles you can get prepared and up to speed now, by visiting 5512 Jefferson Davis Highway today and sitting down with the folks at Bob Richards Toyota. We’ll be happy to discuss the finer points of each trim level, option, and alternative with you in a friendly and honest manner, without any tactics, games or pressure – but you an be sure of a warm welcome and great service from the CSRA’s ‘No Games’ dealer – Bob Richards!

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